Group Consulting

Powerful, thought provoking and dynamic are the words that best describe the practical wisdom that comes from a think-tank group of like minded, determined entrepreneurs searching for the solutions together to the issues that are common place amongst achievers in any field. Can you relate to the following?

  • My health, fitness and energy are not great but I don’t have time to change I am too busy working?
  • I could become more organised and disciplined if...
  • We have goals and a clear vision and will get them defined and written soon...
  • My intimate relationship and my family life could be better but...
  • Business is slow but that’s the whole economy at the moment isn’t it?
  • Emotionally I’m feeling depleted staying upbeat and on the ball is hard...
  • Have you lost the drive and passion for what you do in your career or mission that a few short years ago you would have done anything to achieve?
  • Do you feel constantly under pressure managing yourself and others with no time left in your day for what really you want to do?
  • Is life a grind and have you had the thought, "Is this all there is" after working long and hard to achieve?

Or perhaps you tired of mediocrity and know deep down you can achieve so much more and the time has arrived now to take action and propel yourself and business to a whole new level where you can manage your time more effectively, feel powerful and productive and in charge, producing quality results and increasing your bottom line dramatically, giving you the freedom and sense of success and fulfillment achievement brings?

If you are really honest with yourself and committed to changing the areas of your professional and personal life that require action, at ELA we can teach and mentor you systematically how to achieve your true potential for both professional success and personal fulfillment which is the whole aim at this game we call life.

Our Group Consulting is a powerful process that will allow you to connect and strategize your vision, align your goals and values and address the daily challenges faced by almost every entrepreneur and leader we consult.

By first identifying the individual needs of the group we customize a strategic plan and create an actionable step by step process that implemented daily will deliver cumulative positive lasting results and change.

Make the decision, take action and contact us today and begin the transformation in your professional and personal life you know you deserve.


    "Together we identified the real issues that were holding me back from making real progress and created a systemised plan that has changed my Business and created amazing results in a short period of time."


    "Before I started working with John, I was feeling a lot of financial pressure and didn't know where to begin finding solutions."


    "Although early days, I have created a business that is exceeding all my projections by 40%+ and am waking up energised every morning building on this success daily and ready to make my life count and be there to deliver to my clients no matter what."


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