About ELA

ELA is unique. Our focus is on YOU, your expectations and goals. Together we will create a strategic plan to enable you to achieve your vision, utilising cutting-edge strategies that produce effective, REAL results.

As your Exclusive Business Consultant and Mentor, we work with you as a business peer and professional partner. We will value your commitment and time by supporting you with any challenges that you face and exploring and removing blocks and obstacles to your success.

During this process, we will ask the hard questions that will challenge you to develop and achieve outstanding results. Our first step in this process is to learn firstly about you, then your organisation and your future goals, vision and expectations.

We will then work with you to create a strategic plan, which we will help you to execute through actionable steps, simultaneously supporting, encouraging and measuring your success and accountability throughout the process.

Why engage ELA?

ELA was established to provide professional and experienced business leaders with diverse skills, knowledge and the ability to become outstanding leaders in their personal and professional lives. Crucially, we have personally acquired real life, hands on, business acumen that we impart to today's business leaders.

Our core values are our highest priority and affect our daily decision-making and consulting. We are committed to:

  • Personal, dedicated, confidential and accountable service.
  • Integrity, honesty and trust.
  • Honouring and respecting every person as a unique individual.
  • Total commitment to serving our clients needs.

We are passionate in our mission to educate, lead and inspire entrepreneurs, leaders and every individual we serve for the purpose of discovering and fully developing their unlimited potential.

    "Together we identified the real issues that were holding me back from making real progress and created a systemised plan that has changed my Business and created amazing results in a short period of time."


    "Before I started working with John, I was feeling a lot of financial pressure and didn't know where to begin finding solutions."


    "Although early days, I have created a business that is exceeding all my projections by 40%+ and am waking up energised every morning building on this success daily and ready to make my life count and be there to deliver to my clients no matter what."


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