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“We first come across John as a recipient of one of his regular newsletters. I read them with interest over a period and then proceeded to make an inquiry as to his coaching services. At that point life got in the way and I didn’t take it any further – that was a mistake. Some 12 months later I made contact again and we entered into a 6 monthly coaching program.

We had been running our own Real Estate Company and businesses for approximately 12 years at this point and employed around 50 staff members. We were excited to again get some business coaching going as we had done so previously with 2-3 coaches sporadically over the years.

Right from the outset, actually within the first 10 minutes of our 1st call I knew we had made the right choice with regards to our time and the financial investment we had committed to. John oozes passion and has a deep level of understanding with regards to human phycology and behaviour. In the early weeks we gained a deeper understanding of ourselves, our purpose which in turn has dramatically improved our alignment with our beliefs and had a profound impact on business and relationships both in a personal and business sense.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the pace, the knowledge transferred and the useful tools provided each week. The weekly feedback form and occasional weekly projects also ensured the learnings have not only been understood but maximised.

In closing John is authentic, sincere and has had a profound impact on our lives and have no hesitation in recommending anyone looking to grow and challenge themselves to explore the opportunities with John Douglas.

Many thanks John”

Brett and Alana W


"Firstly, I would just like to thank you.

At the start of last year (2014) I began a slow downward spiral both personally and business wise. Work was becoming scarce, and I just started to have a “whatever" attitude. I knew that you were a results coach, but procrastinated for a year about engaging your help.

I wish I didn’t wait so long, as I could be so much further ahead with my goals. Nevertheless, since the beginning of this year (2015) to now June 2015, I have turned my life around, both personally and professionally.

Business is up and up, and I’m studying at night school for a Diploma of Building and Construction. I am now goal orientated, extremely motivated once again and I have a wide array of tools and resources which you taught me.

I feel that you have helped me unlock the secrets to developing my business exponentially, and becoming the best husband and father I can possibly be. Words cannot describe how thankful and grateful I am for your guidance, wisdom and friendship.

Thank you and have an outstanding week!"

Joseph M


"Before I started working with John, I was feeling a lot of financial pressure and didn't know where to begin finding solutions. 

John Douglas and I created a strategic action plan and helped me follow through on this plan focusing on my core values and strengths and what I was really passionate about achieving.

Within three months of weekly consulting sessions my business has increased its sales 32% which is amazing, I now feel in control and balanced in my professional life and in the relationships with my partner and children which have I have made a significant positive shift in developing.

My investment in consulting has paid huge dividends and I am looking forward to an outstanding 2012!

I recommend John Douglas to anyone who wants results, he is committed, driven and passionate and consulting has been a turning point in my business and life."

Sarah D


"I have never had a consultant before and after taking John Douglas up on his offer of a free consulting session and hearing his drive and passion to create real change with me in my business, if I was committed, (which I definitely was) I have never looked back.

His consulting in the first two months paid for itself for the rest of the year!

Together we identified the real issues that were holding me back from making real progress and created a systemised plan that has changed my business and created amazing results in a short period of time.

John Douglas has shown me I am in control, I have the skillset and its working for me."

Mike W


"I think that I have been holding myself back from becoming a multi million dollar business owner because of a few bad experiences that I have had with previous business partners. When I discovered this everything turned around.

Working together John Douglas has helped me overcome my fears, develop a workable action plan, and helped me follow through on my commitment to achieve success in my business.

Although early days, I have created a business that is exceeding all my projections by 40%+ and am waking up energised every morning building on this success daily and ready to make my life count and be there to deliver to my clients no matter what.

I am really grateful and highly recommend John Douglas to anyone who wants to turn their business around and make every day count."

Craig T


“After I was made redundant from my construction managerial position whilst also battling cancer, I realised at the age of forty seven I was going nowhere fast and decided to approach John Douglas for assistance.

After engaging John Douglas as my Consultant we started work immediately, he said he could help and teach me many processes which would in turn help me help myself, he was right!

From that moment on my life transformed at an astonishing rate. He provided the necessary tools and insight into unlocking the power of my mind, giving me an arsenal of weapons and tools I immediately implemented and put to use, Things we all possess but just some have trouble accessing.

My family and friends noticed the transformation immediately. I was happier, more confident and my whole outlook and attitude has changed for the better. I continue to grow, develop and learn on a daily basis and with the tools and techniques John Douglas has taught me, I now have put to use my Skills, ability, attitude and will power and have made great and permanent changes for the better.

I was particularly impressed with John Douglas's professionalism and more importantly the confidentiality he demonstrated whilst working with me.  His warm, motivated and caring attitude made me feel like we were a team; together, we addressed, worked and resolved many seemingly insurmountable long standing past issues that were affecting my Life .

He has ultimately opened my eyes to numerous ways of dealing with life’s challenges, it is truly inspiring. I am now Happy and in a new and exciting position, looking down the barrel at fresh and electrifying investments and prospects. The relationship with my friends, family and general interaction with the rest of the world has improved immensely. After undertaking an operation two months ago I have received word that I have beaten cancer which, I strongly believe was the result of my new frame of mind and positive outlook.

To anyone who is seeking to improve or transform any aspect of their life whether in their personal or business life , if you have the drive to see it through then John can offer you the guidance, techniques and advice to create a plan and achieve and exceed your expectations.

I urge you to contact John Douglas so that you too can experience the massive and lasting change to your life now."

Rick G
Perth's emerging Entrepreneur


"I had been working hard and long hours for years and not getting the results I wanted, not having a real direction or purpose I teamed up with John Douglas.

It has honestly been one of the most beneficial  things I have ever done, John has taught me strong goal setting activities and time management skills that made instant changes not just in business but in my personal life.

Now that I defined what I want out of life everyday is utilised working towards making that happen."

Sheldon B


“I was at a stage in my life where I needed ideas of how to take my business to greater heights. I chose John Douglas as a Business Consultant because he has extensive experience and knowledge throughout the same industry.

I quickly learnt that to achieve business goals you must address and deal with individual life issues before leaping forward.

Together, we worked on these issues and I now feel ready to deal with my business with a more confident and professional approach.  I feel confident that at the completion of my course I will acquire the necessary tools, techniques and skills that will enable me to be exceptionally business savvy."

Sandy S


"Working with John Douglas has brought about the beginning of the end... The end of half-assed mediocrity. The end of sitting and waiting for things to happen, the end of hoping and wishing I was 10 steps further ahead.

In the three months since I started working with John I have made significant changes my life. Whilst I have so many wonderful things I am working towards, it's wonderful to pause and reflect on how far I have come. 

I have stopped waiting and I have taken control of what I want and where I am going. I run my own business, I have busy, full and rewarding days, I own my successes and failures, it's amazing! I can't wait to see how much further I can go with his guidance and support over the months ahead!!"

Kora D 


"Knowing John Douglas and having worked with him for over 12 months has been a privilege. When I think of words to describe John, determined, persistent and completely crazily over committed to achieving outcomes, comes to mind. John Douglas is someone that I would want to have in my corner if I am ever up against the ropes in my business.

His journey from overcoming major challenges and bringing himself back from the brink of bankruptcy is inspirational. His way of being able to unpack and making the complex simple is what makes John unique.

With John Douglas's guidance you can be assured of having the clarity, methodology and tools to reach any of your goals no matter the size."

Ivor L


“Over the past four years I have been in contact with a number of business & life coaches in business networking circles however none of them possessed the level of energy, know-how and dedication John Douglas possesses and lives by.

The strategies and learning John Douglas has given me has helped me look at life and business from a new angle that is more about getting what I want out of life and the reasons behind it.

This frame work has made me excited about what is possible to achieve in life and I now have a road map for where I would like to go in life. If you have the desire in creating an ideal lifestyle, John Douglas will give you the learning and strategies to fulfil your dreams.”

Charles B 


"I was directionless and lacked clarity in where I was heading. I was also pessimistic, and dismissive that coaching would help. My wife convinced me to proceed with the coaching, and now looking back where I was and where I am now, I can say with absolute certainty that I am glad I did.

John was instrumental in changing how I perceived my obstacles, gave me the tools to overcome my negative thoughts, and encouraged the direction which I had procrastinated about for years. Each and every one of us desires more than we have, yet most of us lack the motivation and knowledge and on how to get where we want to be. John has helped me gain clarity on why I want to achieve the goals I have created and is helping me measure and achieve those goals through clearly defined results.

I would recommend John to anyone already who works for themselves but wants to grow their business but struggles to figure out how to do this. I was skeptical, but the results speak for themselves."

Anthony T 


"I`m not able to describe what meeting John has done for me, and the massive positive affect that has had on my life. The tools John has provided me through his coaching, to structure my personal and business life has enabled me to rise above one of the most challenging times I have experienced.

I know in my heart that that I would not be where I am today if not for John's guidance, understanding, passion and commitment to help me grow."

Paul B


"I have been working with John Douglas for several months now and would recommend his services to anyone who is having difficulties in their personal and work life.

I manage my own business and found that one can get very lonely during challenging times and that it is easy to loose sight of the bigger picture.My work stresses and worries affected my personal life and my sessions with John helped me to see things more clearly and to see the future I want for my family and myself.

John has access to lots of helpful material and my discussions with him and the exercises he has given me have helped to get my life back on track."

Joern W


    "Together we identified the real issues that were holding me back from making real progress and created a systemised plan that has changed my Business and created amazing results in a short period of time."


    "Before I started working with John, I was feeling a lot of financial pressure and didn't know where to begin finding solutions."


    "Although early days, I have created a business that is exceeding all my projections by 40%+ and am waking up energised every morning building on this success daily and ready to make my life count and be there to deliver to my clients no matter what."


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